Organisation Structure

At the apex of the AMC organization structure is a Board of Councilors consisting of the 19 elected members and 12 members appointed by the Governor. This BOC, headed by the Mayor, is similar to the State Legislative Assembly. It is the highest decision-making body of the AMC. The appointed members shall take part in the AMC meetings but shall have no voting rights.

There is an Executive Council of the AMC consisting of the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor, both elected by the elected Councilors, besides four members of the Executive Council known as Executive Councilors, to be appointed by the Mayor. The Mayor is the executive head of the AMC. The EC exercises all the executive powers of the AMC.

There is a Ward Committee in every Ward. The Ward Committee consists of a Chairman, who is an elected Councilor from that Ward, and two members each from all the Local Councils within the Ward. Besides this, the Ward Committee Chairman shall appoint three others from amongst prominent citizens of the Ward, one of which shall be a woman. The term of the Ward Committee is five years.

There shall be, in each locality, a Local Council. A locality having less than 1500 voters shall have five members while a locality with more than 1500 voters shall have seven members. The term of the Local Council is five years.

It may be noted that since November 24, 2010 all the Village Councils in Aizawl have functioned as Local Councils. There are currently 83 Local Councils in Aizawl city.